UFC 134 Countdown

Monday, August 8, 2011

UFC 133

Evans Vs. Ortiz

Great fight last night

Play By Play

Round 1 – They touch gloves. Ortiz with feints and a kick. Rashad jabs. Tito pressing. Left hooks from Rashad. Tito with a right, misses. Left hook from Tito lands. Leg kick from Rashad scores. Right hand from Tito catches the shoulder. Overhand right from Rashad lands on top of the head. Tito looks confident with his hands. Tito shoots, puts Rashad down, but not all the way down. Rashad still has a knee on the ground but Tito still driving. Picks up both his legs but Rashad balances on his hands. Rashad landing short rabbit punches to the head. Rashad stands, Tito has a single, lets it go. Rashad attacks. They exchange big in the pockedt, big knee from Ortiz. Rashad attacks big, punches, combos, a knee. Trying to finish and overwhelm Tito like Liddell. Knee from Tito to the body. Elbow from Rashad, Ortiz with a knee. Big slam from Rashad and he pounces with big punches. He gets half mount. Rashad moves to side control. Tito covering up

Evaluation - Great fight by both men, Both men coming out of adversity Tito taking the fight on 2 weeks notice and Evans having changed opponents multiple times and to have the lay off that he did was amazing no signs of ring rust at all.

All in all great fight!


  1. I had some beers and couple of friends over to watch this. It was pretty evenly matched to say the least

  2. Tito is da man! Not just because we have similar names or anything :P