UFC 134 Countdown

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fedor Deciding Against Retirement!

News has just come from Fedors management and M1 Global that Fedor will fight once again under the banner of M1 Global instead of his former employers Strikforce under the Zuffa banner, this may come to a shock to many fans because of his last stint in the Strikforce promotion going 1 and 3, Many questions still to be answered such as who will be his opponent now that the Zuffa overlords have almost every reasonable heavyweight!


  1. Bro, for a super busy UFC fan, your post is the best! Thanks. It's one of the few that I actually quote in my daily interactions with friends, etc. KEEP IT UP!!

  2. I thought they make some of these guys retire after so many concussions? Oh well it is up to them :)