UFC 134 Countdown

Monday, August 15, 2011

Post Fight UFC Hardy Vs. Lytle

UFC Hardy Vs. Lytle Recap

Awesome fights last night first fight of the main card was Welterweight a slug fest from Amir Sadollah And Duane Ludwig, Ludwig came out on top winning a UD Over Sadollah with his impressive striking Rocking Sadollah Multiple times in the 1st and 2nd round.

2nd Fight on the card was between two new prospects in the lightweight division Charles Oliveira and former WEC fighter Donald Cerrone, Great show by these guys Cerrone coming out on top with his viscious TKO over Oliveira in the first round !

3rd Fight was a very interesting one Between Jim Miller and former WEC lightweight champ Ben Henderson, Jim miller had been on a 7 fight winning streak having being promised a title shot if he could secure a win, Ben Henderson managed to grind out a decision and wear Jim Miller down although Miller had multiple times when he almost finished the fight.


Main event between Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle was a great welterweight stand up war until the finale 2 minutes when Hardy shot in for a takedown only to get choked out by a very tight guillotine choke which was very impressive.

Recap: Some great fights! NEXT IS UFC 134 :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

UFC 137 Mirko Cro Cop Vs. Roy Nelson

UFC 137 Cant wait for this fight!

UFC 137 Is one of the biggest cards of the year Ranging from GSP Vs. Nick Diaz to BJ Penn Vs. Carlos Condit and How could i forget Cro Cop Vs. Roy Nelson thats the fight i want to focuse on because of what it could mean for both fighters, For Cro Cop this could be it, For Nelson some think he could be fighting for his Zuffa Contract.

Fight Breakdown

This fight could bring out the best in both fighters, My guess would be that Nelson wants to take it to the ground and CC wants it standing honestly I dont think that Roy Nelson has the wrestling capable of taking CC to the ground and if he doesn't it could turn into his last few fights COMPLETE SLUGWAR and his chin has been tested throughly, My pick would be CC by Decision OR late 3rd round TKO.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UFC Lightweight Contenders

The UFC Lightweight Division and who deserves to wear the gold!

Ever since the WEC merged with the UFC the lightweight divison has been stacked from top to bottom not to mention the fight between Frankie Edgar and Grey Maynard coming to a draw to further lengthen the wait for an already back logged division, On the other hand WEC champ Anthoney Pettis lost his stake in the division by losing to Clay Guida.

The UFC isn't at all short of contenders but who deserves the shot ?

Fedor Deciding Against Retirement!

News has just come from Fedors management and M1 Global that Fedor will fight once again under the banner of M1 Global instead of his former employers Strikforce under the Zuffa banner, this may come to a shock to many fans because of his last stint in the Strikforce promotion going 1 and 3, Many questions still to be answered such as who will be his opponent now that the Zuffa overlords have almost every reasonable heavyweight!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Matt Hamil

Matt Hamil you shall be missed

Matt Hamil retired from MMA following his loss to Rampage Jackson and more recently to Alexander Gustafsson.

UFC 133

Evans Vs. Ortiz

Great fight last night

Play By Play

Round 1 – They touch gloves. Ortiz with feints and a kick. Rashad jabs. Tito pressing. Left hooks from Rashad. Tito with a right, misses. Left hook from Tito lands. Leg kick from Rashad scores. Right hand from Tito catches the shoulder. Overhand right from Rashad lands on top of the head. Tito looks confident with his hands. Tito shoots, puts Rashad down, but not all the way down. Rashad still has a knee on the ground but Tito still driving. Picks up both his legs but Rashad balances on his hands. Rashad landing short rabbit punches to the head. Rashad stands, Tito has a single, lets it go. Rashad attacks. They exchange big in the pockedt, big knee from Ortiz. Rashad attacks big, punches, combos, a knee. Trying to finish and overwhelm Tito like Liddell. Knee from Tito to the body. Elbow from Rashad, Ortiz with a knee. Big slam from Rashad and he pounces with big punches. He gets half mount. Rashad moves to side control. Tito covering up

Evaluation - Great fight by both men, Both men coming out of adversity Tito taking the fight on 2 weeks notice and Evans having changed opponents multiple times and to have the lay off that he did was amazing no signs of ring rust at all.

All in all great fight!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

UFC 134

Anderson Silva Vs. Yushin Okami

Cant wait for this fight.