UFC 134 Countdown

Monday, August 15, 2011

Post Fight UFC Hardy Vs. Lytle

UFC Hardy Vs. Lytle Recap

Awesome fights last night first fight of the main card was Welterweight a slug fest from Amir Sadollah And Duane Ludwig, Ludwig came out on top winning a UD Over Sadollah with his impressive striking Rocking Sadollah Multiple times in the 1st and 2nd round.

2nd Fight on the card was between two new prospects in the lightweight division Charles Oliveira and former WEC fighter Donald Cerrone, Great show by these guys Cerrone coming out on top with his viscious TKO over Oliveira in the first round !

3rd Fight was a very interesting one Between Jim Miller and former WEC lightweight champ Ben Henderson, Jim miller had been on a 7 fight winning streak having being promised a title shot if he could secure a win, Ben Henderson managed to grind out a decision and wear Jim Miller down although Miller had multiple times when he almost finished the fight.


Main event between Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle was a great welterweight stand up war until the finale 2 minutes when Hardy shot in for a takedown only to get choked out by a very tight guillotine choke which was very impressive.

Recap: Some great fights! NEXT IS UFC 134 :)


  1. Just wanna see hardy kick some ass. that's all I'll say

  2. I want Dan Hardy to win just because he listens to hardcore punk.

  3. I love both of these guys. Wife was at a store recently and saw this guy giving autographs. there weren't many people around so she goes up and get's him to sign a pic. She said she knew I'd know the guy because "he had fucked up ears". hahhahahaha. IT WAS LIGHTS OUT LYTLE!!!

  4. It was a nice end for Lyte, he had a good career. Good on him to think about his family

  5. I missed this show. A UFC blog? Nice!

  6. Unfortunately I missed these but thanks for the update.